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This is one of my favourite sections of Back Pain Secrets. Below is a small list of tools that you can use to heal your back pain without drugs or surgery. 
strongly suggest these tools...

Hundreds of my patients have used these tools to reduce or heal their back pain altogether. So, follow the easy steps below and get started today to heal your back pain...  
Free Back Pain Report
Step #1- FREE Report
Super Body & Free From Back Pain In 90 Days –  Over 20,000 Downloads!

This report describes in detail what I physiotherapist Robin did to lose 40 pounds and get rid of my back pain in just 90 days. 

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Step #2 - FREE Book! Back Pain Secrets 
The Underground Playbook For Healing Your Back Pain Without Drugs Or Surgery. Back Pain Secrets is a shortcut. It´s a playbook that tackles the underlying causes of your back pain and helps you find a permanently solution for your chronic back problem.

Customer Reviews:
"Captivating, Crazy Fun And Serious"
Dr Björn Bragée Doctor of Medicine, Spec in Pain Medicine 

Impressive. The message is provocative and the style is uncompromisingly straight forward. This book is definitely worth reading, both for “experts” and patients.
Dr Roger Stadra Doctor of Medicine
Step #3 - FREE Training Webinar Reveals...
"My Weird Way To Reduce Sciatica Nerv Pain! And How To Knock It Off In Less Than 10 Minutes!"

Presented by:
Robin Back Pain Expert & Physiotherapist.

Only 200 Seats Available!  
Step #4 - The 6 Week Back Pain Boot Camp Master Class
The Online 6 Week Back Pain Boot Camp Master Class Will Show You:
How To Reduce Your Back Pain In 6 Weeks WithOUT Hiring Expensive Doctors, Using Dangerous Drugs Or Having Back Surgery.

Customer Reviews:
"Professional site, professional content"
Dr Björn Bragée Doctor of Medicine, Spec in Pain Medicine  

"Two week’s into Robin’s program, my wife saw me wrestling with my kids, and... she asked me how my back was feeling. I realized I couldn’t remember the last time I even felt me back" 
Bob Hansen from Minneapolis, Minnesota. 
Back Pain Secrets Coaching
Step #5 - 60 Minutes Consultation Call
Would You Like Less Back Pain And Stress?
I will help you to simplify & systemize your back pain plan in just 1 hour. 

I will get on a skype call, and go over what you´re currently doing.

1st What results do you want to achieve with your back?

2nd What back pain program are you currently working on?

3rd Who is on your back-pain team, and what do they do?

4th How are you getting things done now (or not 😊)?

5th What tasks are eating up too much of you time? 
Step #5 - Back Pain Secrets – Inner Circle
The Closest Thing To A Pain Free Back You´ll Ever See. 
My most elite group of friends and clients – my inner circle – are chronic back pain sufferers that have healed their own back pain without drugs or surgery. Direct 1:1 access to Robin himself, plus in-person mastermind event twice a year. This is by application only. 
Step #6 - Hire Robin
Information on 1:1 Consulting & Speaking Engagements
If you're interested in consulting or speaking with me, my fees for events are below:

Lunch - (to pick my brain) Starts at $1,000.

Speaking Engagements - $10,000.

Train Your Team - $20,000 for 2 days.
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