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Here’s What You’ll Learn:


Day One: Why Do You Have
Chronic Lower Back Pain? 

On the first day of the challenge, we’ll get right into talking about why your lower back hurts. 

For a long time, I struggled with the question: “Why does my back hurt?” I could not figure out what was causing my chronic lower back pain.

I tried painkillers, muscle relaxants, and listened to the doctor, but guess what? Nothing worked. I got tired of trying the same old back pain exercises that didn’t work and listening to the same boring old instructions that didn’t help.

That’s what fueled my own deep dive into understanding the cause of chronic lower back pain and, eventually, understanding the solution to the problem. More importantly, how to achieve back health without surgery or drugs.

I wanted to know why the vast majority of people, even healthy people who work out, experience major back pain sooner or later. And I wanted to help people—people like you—to figure out why you’re in pain.

Turns out, the greatest three causes for chronic lower back pain are:

  • Overusing your back
  • Not using you back enough
  • A combination of the two

More often than not, it’s the third option. Think about it. You haven’t worked out your back in months, and then one Tuesday, your friend asks you to help them move their new bed. CRACK. It’s a recipe for disaster.

We’ll talk about all the different aspects of your lifestyle that could be contributing factors to your chronic lower back pain.


Day Two: What Condition Is
Your Lower Back In?

On the second day of the challenge, we’ll work out what condition your lower back is in through a few exercise tests.

Almost everyone will experience lower back pain, but how bad is it? To figure out the cause of your back pain and find the most efficient way to end it, it's best to first ascertain the condition your lower back is in.

There are many tests that can help you see how your lower back is doing:

  • Core strength tests: Most are aware of the importance of core muscles when it comes to maintaining a stable spine. By seeing how long you can hold certain positions, you can evaluate the stability of your lower back. 
  • Hamstring mobility test: Many are also aware that the flexibility of our hamstrings influences our back health. A hamstring flexibility test can help you ascertain your range of motion and how it affects your back pain.
  • Hip flexion test: This test gives you the chance to observe your movement tolerance. You can test your range of functional hip flexion.
  • Spinal compression test: This test allows you to discern how your spine feels after being exposed to compression. This lets you see whether your back is sensitive to compression or not. 
  • Spinal flexion tolerance test: How does your spine feel after bending forward? This exercise allows you to evaluate your tolerance for spinal flexion. 
  • Spinal extension tolerance test: Finally, how does your spine feel after gently bending backwards? This final exercise helps you ascertain your tolerance for spinal extension based on if you feel discomfort or strength after the movement.

We’ll go through these six types of tests and figure out together what we have to work on.


Day Three: The Vicious Cycle
of Chronic Low Back Pain

On the third day of the challenge, we’ll look at the risks that are usually related to chronic lower back pain.

The danger of lower back pain isn’t limited to how it makes you suffer or how it attacks your quality of life. The biggest danger is how it can have a ripple effect, throwing you and your lower back into a vicious cycle of chronic pain and poor health. What do I mean?

What happens when your lower back starts hurting? You stop moving. Let's be honest, who hasn’t cancelled a workout session because their back is in pain? You might even try to justify it, saying that exercising would be bad for you and hurt your back more. But is that the case?

Movement is one of the best and most important cures for your lower back pain! By cancelling that gym session, you’re putting yourself at a higher risk for more pain.

What’s more, the vicious cycle often includes not only a lack of movement, but also everything that pain and a lack of exercise brings with it:

  • You lose muscle and gain weight.
  • You start taking painkillers or muscle relaxants on a regular basis.
  • Suddenly, your hormones are out of balance, your mental health starts declining and your sleep suffers.

This can happen—and has happened—to the best of us.

Let’s dive into all these potential risks and analyze what the better route is.


Day Four: The Three Pillars
of a Healthy Lower Back

On the fourth day of this challenge, we’ll look at the three pillars of back health.

I doubt this is news to you, but I’ll say it anyway: Your back is complicated. Your spine is complicated. Our spinal health can be affected by numerous factors, and as a result, it can be hard to know where to get help and what to do.

Perhaps your yoga instructor will tell you that you need to work on balance, your chiropractor will tell you that you need to work on flexibility, and your doctor will tell you that you need to work on strength.

None of them are wrong, yet none of them are right. The truth is that you need to work on all three. A strong, flexible, and balanced back is a happy back. These are the three pillars of back health:

  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Balance

You could focus on only improving flexibility, but it would only be one piece of the puzzle. You might initially think that you only need to work on one of three pillars. However, you will get better results from boosting all three at the same time.

We will see go through how to develop strength, flexibility, and balance, and how to work with health care professionals to receive proper support.


Day Five: How to End Your
Chronic Lower Back Pain

On the fifth day of this challenge, we’ll get into the nitty gritty of how to relieve your suffering. When I was struggling with lower back pain, I was stiff as a board. I tried following back pain exercises, only to find out that I could barely move in the right way. I had not yet realized the importance of having all three pillars of back health: strength, flexibility, and balance.

Now, after a Master’s in physical therapy and a Master’s in orthopedic medicine, things are a bit clearer. After blindly following instructions and exercises that just didn’t do the trick, I’ve unearthed some basic principles, habits and routines that truly have the power to change your life. Tactics that have the power to STOP the PAIN–Without scary surgery, and without potentially addictive drugs.

Together, we’ll tackle:

  • Understanding what a happy lower back requires in terms of movement and exercise
  • Unlearning whatever trauma back pain has left in our minds and hearts
  • Having the courage to open the front of our bodies and move in the right ways

On this last day, we’ll naturally end your chronic low back pain for good. Are you in?

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